Judging Criteria

Entries should not exceed 1250 words in total and should relate to activities conducted from June 2022 and June 2023.

Our judges will be using a points based system which will allow to easily benchmark each entry against each other. A maximum of 25 points for each of the four criteria can be awarded, with the total number of points awarded over the criteria added together to determine your final score. Each criteria is weighted equally, please ensure you take your time to demonstrate the quality over each criteria.

1 – Aims and objectives (maximum 25 points)

Outline the aims and objectives of the product, service, solution, project or company. Demonstrate why these aims and objectives are important to you, your company and the wider industry

2 – Planning and Execution (maximum 25 points)

Show evidence that successful planning and execution has played a part in determining the success of the product, service, solution, project or company. Explain how important the planning stage was planned and how the plan was executed

3 – Delivery (maximum 25 points)

Show clear evidence of how the product, service, solution, project or company delivered its aims and objectives. Outline what the challenges were and what you did to overcome them

4 – Desired Outcomes (maximum 25 points)

Explain how your entry has delivered its outcomes set out at the beginning of the product, service, solution, project or company. This can be demonstrable in terms of environmental benefits, cost savings, improvement in safety, quality or a change in the behaviour of people